Friday, March 25, 2011

Bukit Timah Hill

As I arrived at the entrance to Bukit Timah Hill to enjoy my trekking in the forest, the first thing that greeted me were monkeys even before I started to track up the hill. Let me tell you a secret. I hate monkeys! You know why- they can be violent, cruel and steal people's food when they are hungry though they look harmless in this picture. I took this photo from the internet because I did not want to take my camera along.

As I trekked through the jungle, I really enjoyed the scenery and the lush greenery around me. It was shady but humid so I felt uncomfortable and sw
eaty. I could hear cicadas singing, birds chirping and the rustling of the leaves as the breeze blew gently. I noticed many kinds of trees, plants, insects and even colourful birds. There were signs which guided me to the summit of the hill. It was an exhausting climb with many steps. I feel that if anyone wants to trek to the summit, one should go in pairs or in groups to prevent being lost in the forest.Another interesting place in the Bukit Timah Hill is the water catchment area. I saw fishes swimming in a pond and I even saw a big fish's shadow and I am telling the truth. There were even water insects swimming in a shallow area and once, my brother even caught a water scorpion and we saw quick sand!It was a great sight and I would never forget this!

As I reached the summit, I could enjoy the skyline of the surrounding Bukit Timah area and the skyline of the neighborhood. This is the picture of the summit.

This is the place where Bukit Timah Hill where I went.

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